Why is the My Element program discontinuing?

The My Element program is evolving to explore innovative ways of uniting our community through skateboarding, marking an exciting shift in our direction. 

Thank you for being a valued member of the My Element family. We appreciate your support, and we're excited about the adventures that lie ahead.

What happens to my remaining loyalty points?

To ensure you make the most of your loyalty benefits, please use up any remaining loyalty points before they expire at 11:59 pm PST on March 3, 2024.

How can I stay informed about upcoming developments?

Stay connected through our official communications, website, and social media channels for the latest updates on our endeavors.

How do I use a reward?

ONLINE: Redeem and use your reward right at checkout. Not ready to shop? You can also go to your Rewards page in your account and redeem a reward for future use either online or in-store. Based on the total points you have in your account; we display the various types of offers and rewards you can use at checkout so that it’s easily accessible to you. Your discount will be reflected in the order total once you have applied it to your cart.

Do my loyalty points have an expiration date?

Yes. Just like your offers, your total loyalty points also have an expiration date which can be found in your account overview. Be sure to use all your points before it resets!

How do I view my points?

You can view your total points at any time by logging in to your account.

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